’63 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

Scale 1/25

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Manufacturer AMT/ERTL

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1 in stock


The Galaxie is a full-size car produced by Ford from 1959 to 1974. Initially born as a high-end model of the Fairlane, it was produced until 1974 while undergoing several model changes. It was altered as early as 1960, the year after its debut. The 1964 Galaxie was the final year of the second-generation version; the styling was characterized by its aerodynamic look. The XL two-door hardtop became the most popular and best-selling type in the series.

This kit from AMT/Ertl is of the 1964 two-door hardtop, the final model of the Galaxie’s second generation. It realistically reproduces the popular style that became a bestseller, with its relaxed size. This kit is part of AMT’s Craftsman Plus series, which features a reduced number of parts for ease of assembly and a great finish. Simple plated parts under the hood are included for the engine; the bumper parts are also plated. Rubber tires are included too, and the interior is fully detailed.

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