Antonov An-12BK Cub

Scale 1/100

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The Antonov AN-12 is a medium, high-wing, four-engine transport aircraft designed for the needs of the Red Army landing forces. The flight of the prototype took place in March 1956, with production commencing in 1958. In total, 1,248 aircraft were produced to date, a number of which are still in service. AN-12 can carry 60 paratroopers or 105 landing infantry, or two platforms with a load of 8 tons on each. These airplanes were produced in many versions and were used as medical planes; aircraft operating in polar conditions; satellite communication centres; electronic reconnaissance and combat; reconnaissance, rescue and passenger services. In China, production of a copy of this aircraft without a license, the Y-8, was launched.

Technical data: Top speed: 670 km / h; rate of climb: 9.5 m / s, maximum ceiling 10,200 m, maximum range: 2,500 km, armament: 2 NR-23 cannons in the turret at the rear of the fuselage.

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