CH-47D Chinook

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Hobby Boss 1/48 CH-47D Chinook

The CH-47 Chinook is a heavy transport helicopter of American production from the Cold War and modern times, which is currently (2019) manufactured by Boeing Helicopters. The prototype’s flight took place in 1961, and the machine entered service in 1962. The helicopter – in the CH-47F version – has a total length of 30.1 meters, and the diameter of its rotors is 18.3 meters. The drive is provided by two Lycoming T55-GA-714A engines with 4733 HP each. Its maximum speed in horizontal flight reaches about 315 km / h. The helicopter has a two-rotor – tandem system and is devoid of a tail boom.

Work on the CH-47 Chinook machine began in the late 1950s, when the US Army wanted to replace the CH-37 Mojave helicopter with a completely new machine with a much more modern power unit and better performance. Finally, a machine was created with an unusual tandem system, but meeting the requirements set for it. What’s more, as it turned out over time, it also has a large modernization potential. During production, many development versions of this successful transport helicopter were created, among which the following can be mentioned: CH-47A (the first version produced in series), CH-47B (version with stronger engines and redesigned hull) or CH-47F (version tested in 2001, with a definitely modernized avionics, new engine and chassis). The CH-47 Chinook helicopter gained considerable popularity and, in various versions, it has been or is still operated by countries such as the USA, Egypt, Greece and Canada.

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