Do 215B-5

Scale 1/72

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Do 215B-5

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Do 215B-5

WWII German Night Fighter

ln the beginning of З0s there was appeared in the world an idea of high-speed bomber that could outstrip contemporary fighters. One of the objectifications of this conception became the twin­-engine bomber designed bу а German Dornier Flugzeug werke company.

Since the beginning of 1940 it was produced small series of 105 Do 215В planes with liquid-cooled DB 601А engines. ln 1941 it began production of Do 215В-5 night fighter modification. FuG 202 Lichtenstein radars were installed in these planes with power ful armament. They served in the night fighter unit 11/ NJG 1 up to the beginning of 1944.

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