Douglas A-20 Havoc ‘Over Europe’

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The Douglas A20 Havoc (known as DB-7) was an American twin-engine tactical light bomber and battlefield support. The first flight of the prototype took place in 1938, and mass production started a year later. The A-20 was initially only exported to France and Great Britain, but after the introduction of numerous modifications, the plane generated interest from the USAAF and from mid-1941 it was also used in American aviation. From 1941 to 1945, the A-20 was exported to the USSR, Australia and South Africa, and after World War II to Brazil. In the course of the war, numerous modifications of the aircraft were made, fulfilling various roles, among others: A-20 (light bomber), A-20G (light bomber-stormtrooper), Havoc Mk.II (night fighter in RAF service). in total, 7,478 were built.

Technical data (G version): Top speed: 545 km / h; climb speed 6.6 m / s, maximum ceiling 7,800 m, maximum range: 3,275 km, armament: permanent – 4 M2 cannons, 20mm calibre, 4 km. Browning, cal. 12.7 mm or 8 km. Browning, cal. 12.7 mm, mountable. Up to 1,800 kg of  bombs could be carried.

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