DUKW 2 1/2 Ton GMC Truck Amphibious Version

Scale 1/35

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To meet the logistical needs of the US Army landing forces in transferring loads quickly and efficiently from ships to beaches, the American General Motor CCKW-353 2½ t 6×6 amphibious version tactical transport truck was designed and built for this purpose.

The basic vehicle components were the same as the GMC road truck with its 4,400 cm3 6-cylinder engine, three differentials and six driving wheels.

The DUKW was characterized by a welded hull to make it amphibious, which was then reinforced by horizontal ribs. Its key attribute however was its extraordinary versatility and load capacity.

It could carry a 2,400 kg  payload or 25 fully equipped troops. DUKWs were deployed extensively in all theatres of war by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines and the armed forces of numerous Allied countries.

Notably, they featured in many significant WW11 beach landings including the D-Day Normandy landings at Utah and Omaha and also at Salerno, Anzio and on the beaches of the Pacific campaign.

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