EF2000 Typhoon IIB

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EF2000 Typhoon IIB

Eurofighter Typhoon or EF-2000 is a project of a consortium composed of three concerns: Alenai Aeronautica, BAE Systems and EADS. The four-nation Eurofighter is a delta low wing design with a duck front tail. Its primary task is to conduct aerial combat and attack from beyond sight. It can also attack ground targets. Eurofighter is characterized by high maneuverability in supersonic flights. Modern engines allow it to fly at supersonic speed without the use of an afterburner. The Typhoon is armed with an internal 27mm Mauser BK27 cannon. On thirteen under-wing (4 + 4) and under-fuselage (5) nodes, BVRAAM (Air-to-Air Rocket, attacking out of sight), ASRAAM (Air-to-Air Advanced Rocket), Storm missiles (air-to-ground) can be attached. Shadow or Taurus. The Typhoon arsenal also includes the Brimstone and DWS 37 air-to-ground missiles as well as laser beam bombs (laser target designator required). The on-board weapons control system monitors, tests and launches the arsenal attached under the wings. The EF-2000 target is an integrated electromagnetic emission detection and interference system (ESM / ECM) called DASS, it consists of active interfering heads, emission-detecting antennas, front and rear warning stations (RWR) and a thermal (flare) and radar (flare) launcher system ( dipoles). Detection / tracking is performed (similarly to the Russian MiG-29) by two systems. The first is a forward-facing thermal sensor (FLIR) that works in conjunction with the IRST thermal detection and tracking system. The second pair of eyes is, of course, the multitask Doppler radar ECR 90, operating in the X-band. It is built by the Euroradar consortium consisting of the British company Marconi Electronic Systems, ENOSA from Spain, FIAR from Italy and Daimler Chrysler Aerospace (DASA) from Germany. The Eurofighter pilot sits in a cockpit equipped with voice control. Additionally, there are approximately 25 control buttons on the throttle and stick. Information is presented on the MHUD multifunctional reflective display and the three MHDD color multifunction displays on the console. It is complemented by the HMS helmet-mounted presentation system. Martin Baker Mk16A type 0-0 ejection chair was used. As the aircraft is statically unstable, the on-board computer is directly controlled by the control surfaces and airfoil mechanization via a digital fly-by-wire system. The EFA is powered by two Eurojet EJ200 twin-flow jet engines, each delivering 60 kN of thrust, and 90 kN of afterburners each. The motors are digitally controlled. Technical data: Maximum speed: 2,124 km / h, speed of climb: 315 m / s, maximum ceiling 19,812 m, maximum range: 3,790 km, armament: fixed – 1 Mauser cannon, caliber 27 mm, suspended – up to 7,500 kg.

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