Gloster Gladiator Mk.I

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The Gloster Gladiator is a British semi-metal biplane fighter from the beginning of World War II. A prototype flight took place in 1934, and the planes entered the line in 1937. The powerplant, depending on the version, was the Bristol Mercury Mk IX (Gladiator Mk.I) or Bristol Mercury Mk VIIIA (Gladiator Mk.II and Sea Gladiator) engines. A total of 747 Gloster Gladiators were made. During World War II, this type of aircraft fought over the skies of Norway (Squadron 263), France (Squadrons 607 and 615) and in North Africa and the Middle East (Squadrons 33, 80, 94 and 112). Interestingly, only one squadron equipped with Gladiator fighters (247th) fought in the Battle of Britain in 1940. The plane was most famous for the heroic defence of Malta in June 1940 against the overwhelming Italian forces. Despite the high-quality construction and its durability, after 1940, the Gladiator role  changed to training and meteorological purposes. The Gloster Gladiator plane was used until 1953, the last one to be withdrawn by the Portuguese air force. The Gladiator had a length of 8.36 m, a wingspan of 9.83 m, height of  3.58 m, a maximum speed of 407 km/h, a rate of climb of 11.7 m/s, a maximum range of 708 km, and a maximum ceiling of 1000m. Armament consisted of 4 fixed Vickers 7.7mm machine guns.

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