GMC 2.5 ton 6×6 Truck

Scale 1/35

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Manufacturer Italeri

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Italeri 1/35 GMC 2.5 ton 6×6 Truck


The GMC 2.5 ton 6×6 Truck, also known as the “Deuce and a Half,” is a legendary military transport vehicle that played a pivotal role in numerous conflicts throughout the 20th century.

Initially introduced during World War II, this robust and versatile truck was utilized by various military branches for transporting troops, supplies, and equipment across challenging terrain.

Known for its reliability, ruggedness, and impressive off-road capabilities, the GMC 2.5 ton truck became an indispensable asset for logistical support in both combat and non-combat operations.

Its enduring legacy and continued service in various military forces around the world highlight its significance as an iconic symbol of military transportation prowess.

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