HMS Campbeltown 1942

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HMS Campbeltown (I42) , was a Town Class Destroyer of the Royal Navy and started life as DD-131, USS Buchanan, one of 50 obsolete destroyers transferred to the Royal Navy as part of the “Destroyers for Bases Agreement” between the two Allied nations.

The USS Buchanan was one of 111 Wickes-class destroyers, which, along with the Clemson and Caldwell-class ships, were often referred to as “four-pipe” or “flush-deck” destroyers. The Wickes-class ships were designed to be as cheap and capable of mass production as possible high-speed destroyers. USS Buchanan was built at Bath Iron Works, Maine, USA. She remained in the US Navy from 1919-1940, serving amongst others as part of the 4th Destroyer Flotilla of the Pacific Fleet.

HMS Campbeltown was commissioned into the Royal Navy in September 1940, serving  until March 1942, to protect Atlantic convoys. However, in March 1942, she was hastily rebuilt to resemble a German destroyer, and used on a mission against the dry dock in St. Nazaire, to prevent being used by the Tirpitz. During this mission, HMS Campbeltown was crashed into the gates of the dry dock, and several hours later the explosive devices placed in the vessel exploded and seriously damaged the port facilities, rendering them unusable.

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