Kozak-2 Ukrainian National Guard


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The Kozak-2 armoured vehicle was developed by the Ukrainian Research and Production company ‘Practika’.

It belongs to the MRAP class of combat vehicles designed to protect the crew from mine explosions and ambushes, and its armour protection meets the second level of the STANAG 4569 standard.

The armoured vehicle is built on the chassis of a four-wheel drive truck adapted to off-road conditions.

The tasks that the armoured vehicle can perform include patrolling, supporting vehicles, communications and fire support for personnel in combat.

The crew and troops are equipped with anti-trauma seats with five-point safety belts.

The vehicle can be armed with a heavy machine gun or a 7.62 mm machine gun, both of which are mounted in an armoured turret with circular rotation.

“The Kozak-2 is in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and has been used by various units of the National Guard of Ukraine for several years.