M3 Stuart Light Tank – Initial Production

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The M3/M5 Stuart is an American light tank from the Second World War. The history of the M3 began in 1940, when the US Army saw the need to replace the old M2 with a more modern design. After several months of testing, the American Car and Foundry company released the first serial copy of the new tank, designated M3, in March 1941. The production of this successful tank lasted until 1945 and ended with the production of over 22,000 units! The M3 was powered by a Continental W-970-9A 7-cylinder engine with a capacity of 250 HP or a 9-cylinder Guilberson T-1020-4 diesel engine with a capacity of 210 HP. On the other hand, the M5 tank was powered by two coupled Cadillac V-8 engines with a capacity of 220 HP each. In total, several versions of the M3 tank were created. The first production series was marked M3, the next was M3A1, which min. was stripped of the watchtower and no longer had side machine guns. The M3A3 model entered production in 1943, with numerous improvements from the fighting in North Africa. Production of the M5 also began in March 1942, which was essentially a modification of the M3. The M5 tank was made in only two versions: M5 and M5A1. The latter had an elongated turret, an improved cannon mount and a new machine gun mount on the turret. The last modification was not used on all tanks of this version. The M8 self-propelled gun was also created on the basis of the M3 / M5 tank. The tanks were massively exported to Great Britain under the Lend and Lease Act program. In the American and British service, they served in North Africa, Italy, Normandy, and in the battles in France and Germany in 1944-1945. Tanks in the declining period of the war were replaced by the M24 Chaffe. The M3 / M5 Stuart is recognized as one of the best light tanks of World War II. Satisfactory range, speed and manoeuvrability all made him highly valued by his crews. Technical data (M3A3 version): length (with a barrel): 4.52m, width: 2.24m, height: 2.52m, engine power: 210-250KM, range: 217km, maximum speed (on the road): 58km / h, armament: 1 M6 37mm cannon, 2 7.62mm M1919 machine guns.

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