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M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight”

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M4A3E8 is the last type of Sherman, which can be said to be an outstanding work at that time.

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M4A3E8 is the last type of Sherman, which can be said to be an outstanding work at that time. The balance of various abilities is very good. Its balance in firepower, armor and mobility can be compared with the T-34 / 85 of Russia and the leopard of Germany in the same period.

The M4A3E8 uses a new type of HVSS (a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from ordinary Sherman) suspension system (horizontal suspension system). Therefore, M4A3E8 is also known as M4A3 (76W) HVSs. The weight of M4A3E8 makes the original VVSS suspension device (vertical suspension system) overwhelmed, but the new HVSS can reduce the shaking of c, which is heavier due to the increase of armor and the improvement of artillery, while the widened track reduces the pressure on the ground. This smooth and smooth walking system also makes it win the nickname of “easy eight” in the mouth of American soldiers.

In addition to the difference of suspension system, M4A3E8 also strengthens the defense and manufacturing productivity, and E8 adopts ammunition “water jacket” to reduce the risk of inducing explosion in ammunition depot. The M4A3E8 is equipped with a 76.2mm gun. In order to resist the recoil force of the 76mm gun, the U.S. military has also installed a new brake. The main gun of M4A3E8 is 76 mm and 54.5 times the diameter. When using high-speed armor piercing projectile, it can pierce the vertical armor of more than 110 mm at 2200 meters.

The front armor of m4a3e8 is integrated and has high defense. Its armor is 107 mm thick and has a certain angle. After the above modification, the total weight of E8 is more than 30 tons, but the speed still reaches 45 kilometers per hour.

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