M911C-HET (8×6) + M747 Heavy Equipment Semi-Trailer

Scale 1/35

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In 1977, to meet the U.S.

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In 1977, to meet the U.S. military need, Oshkosh produced the M911 heavy equipment tractor. It can haul the M747 semi-trailer for road transportation of heavy equipment, with a maximum payload of 68.95t. Before the M1070 tractor was put into service in 1993, the M911 was one of the most important HETs in the U.S. military service.


The SS-013 M911 C-HET (8X6) & M747 Heavy Equipment Semi-Trailer model kit contains 843 parts. It features complete cab and power system interiors. Some wheels are connected by metal axles. The trailer loading ramps are movable. The tractor’s front wheels can be made in a steering position. Precision PE parts, reflective foil and mask stickers for cab windows are included in the kit.

Length: 571.2mm Width: 99.9mm

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