S.79 Sparviero

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The Savoia Marchetti SM.79, (“Sparrowhawk” in Italian), was an Italian three-engine medium bomber and reconnaissance aircraft that gained prominence during the interwar period and World War II.

Designed by aeronautical engineer Alessandro Marchetti, the SM.79 made its first flight in 1934 and quickly gained a reputation for its speed and versatility.

It was characterized by its distinctive and innovative layout with three engines – one in the nose and two on the wings.

This configuration provided the aircraft with a unique appearance and contributed to its agility and high speed.

During World War II, the SM.79 became the backbone of the Italian Royal Air Force’s (Regia Aeronautica) medium bomber fleet.

It was used for a variety of missions, including bombing raids, maritime reconnaissance, and transport.

One of the most notable features of the SM.79 was its ability to absorb significant damage and still remain airborne, earning it the nickname “Il Gobbo Maledetto” (The Damned Hunchback) by its crews.

The SM.79 saw action in various theaters of war, including the Mediterranean and North African campaigns. It was also used by other air forces, such as the Spanish Nationalist Air Force during the Spanish Civil War.

Despite its successes, the SM.79 became outdated as the war progressed, and newer, more advanced aircraft emerged.

However, its robust design and contribution to early war efforts cemented its place in aviation history as one of the notable medium bombers of its time.

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