Sonderanghanger 115

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The Sd.Ah.115 was a heavy-duty, 2-axle transport trailer designed to carry German armor in service at the time. With a stated load capacity of 10 tonnes, the Sd.Ah.115 was capable of carrying a wide variety of vehicles.
In fact, a wide variety of vehicle loads can be seen atop the Sd.Ah.115 in period photographs.

An earlier 8 tonne version first served in the Spanish Civil War. The 10 tonne version was deployed to transport the lighter Panzer I and II tanks during the early years of the Second World War.

As the Wehrmacht moved through Europe, the Sd.Ah.115 could be seen carrying a wide variety of non-German vehicles.
Some examples even survived the war and can be seen being used in the rebuilding of Europe after the end of the war.

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