Tornado GR.1

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The origins of the Tornado design date back to 1968. It was then that the trinational PANAVIA consortium was established in order to implement the project known as MRCA (Multi-Role Combat Aircraft). On September 14, 1974, the flight of the first prototype took place and the construction of the first 640 ordered aircraft began, with production split in such a way that Germany and Great Britain each completed 42.5%, and Italy 15% of the order. Tornado fleets are currently the most important part of the air force of three European NATO countries. They remain in the composition of the air forces of Great Britain (Royal Air Force), Italy (Aeronautica Militare Italiana) and Germany (Luftwaffe) and in the aviation of the German Navy (Marinefliege). In addition, in 1986, a number of these aircraft were ordered by Saudi Arabia and incorporated into its armed forces (Royal Saudi Air Force). There are three main versions of the aircraft: Tornado ECR, Tornado ADV and Tornado IDS. Tornado ECR is a German / Italian reconnaissance version, it can carry Raytheon AGM – 88 HARM anti-radar missiles. In addition, they carry AIM-9L Sidewinder missiles for self-defense purposes. The Tornado ADV is a version of the interceptor, equipped with the great Marconi-Ferranti Foxhunter radar with a range of up to 190km and able to track up to 20 targets simultaneously. The Tornado IDS, on the other hand, is an assault bomber designed primarily to support land forces. It is capable of carrying a very wide range of weapons, including: a CWS flying cartridge, Paveway II guided bombs, GBU-15 guided bombs, AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missiles. Technical data (ADV version): length: 18.68m, wingspan (maximum): 13.91m, height: 5.95m, maximum speed: 2.27Ma, rate of climb: 77m / s, practical ceiling: 21300m, maximum range : 1850 km, armament: fixed – one IWKA-Mauser 27 mm cannon, suspended – up to 8500 kg of cargo.

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