TU-142MR Bear-J

Scale 1/144

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Trumpeter 1/144 TU-142MR Bear-J

The Tupolew Tu-142 is a Soviet long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft and a ZOP aircraft, which is a far-reaching modification of the Tu-95. The Tu-142 received the Bierkut-95 search and targeting system; It consists of a radar station, also called Bierkut, Ladoga magnetometer, equipment for receiving signals from hydroacoustic buoys and a digital on-board computer Płamia B-142 (CWM-263). The prototypes were also equipped with the Gagar device for detecting the thermal trace left by the ship, the Kwadrat-2 radio reconnaissance station and the Riezieda interference station, but they were not installed on the serial aircraft. Inside the two weapons chambers, the aircraft carried hydroacoustic buoys, torpedoes and missile torpedoes, depth charges or mines. Among the many loading variants, the most typical was the search-and-attack one with 176 RGB-1 buoys, 13 RGB-2 and 4 RGB-3 buoys and armament consisting of three AT-1 or AT-2 torpedoes or APR-1 and 14 missile torpedoes. PŁAB-250-120 depth bombs and 14 signal bombs. The long range of the Tu-142 was also used for other tasks that had nothing to do with anti-submarine combat. A variant of the retranslator aircraft was designed to ensure the communication of the state leadership with submerged nuclear submarines with on-board strategic ballistic missiles (SSBN), as well as – to a lesser extent – with multi-purpose submarines. The Tu-142MR retranslator aircraft began trials on March 23, 1978, and was accepted into service in 1982. The Tu-142MR is designed for automatic or semi-automatic transmission of messages between coast and ship command posts on the one hand and submerged submarines on the other, using short and super long wave radio communications. Communication with the command center and with other ground (surface) facilities is easy to organize using direct radio communication (up to 2000 km) or via satellite. It is much more difficult to maintain uninterrupted communication with a submerged submarine. For this purpose, the Tu-142MR received the Orioł strategic communication system. Technical data (Tu-142MZ version): length: 53.08m, wingspan: 50m, height: 12.12m, maximum speed: 925km / h, practical ceiling: 12000m, operating radius: 6500km.

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