Type G4 with MG 34 and German Staff Personnel

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The personnel of the Wehrmacht officer corps were distinguished by their high standards.

At the beginning of World War II, it represented a unique, corporately closed organization with its own notions of officer honor and moral principles.

Many of them were former officers of the Imperial German Army. Staff officers played a significant role in the Wehrmacht, enjoying special attention and fulfilling crucial roles in directing operations at all stages of the war.

A diverse fleet of vehicles, including the versatile off-road four-door sedan G4 (W31), was used for the transportation of staff officers.

Developed by Daimler-Benz in 1934, it was produced until 1939 in a version featuring a four-door convertible roof.

This vehicle boasted an 8-cylinder engine with a power of 100 hp (later models had 110 hp) and accommodated six passengers.

Some vehicles were equipped with MG 34 machine guns (one or two).

They served the purpose of transporting the command staff of the Wehrmacht and were also employed for the protection and escort of staff columns.

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