US Cougar 6×4 MRAP Vehicle

Scale 1/35

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Manufacturer Meng

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U.S. Cougar 6×6 MRAP vehicle, developed by the U.S. company Force Protection Inc., is an armored vehicle which can withstand roadside bombs attacks and ambushes. It is powered by a 330hp Caterpillar C-7 diesel engine; it uses a 6×6 chassis; its maximum speed can be up to 105km/h; it can carry 10 people; The vehicle can withstand the detonation of 13.6kg TNT charge under front and rear axles, and 6.8kg TNT charge under the middle of the vehicle; both the hull and bullet-proof windows can withstand 7.62mm bullets; an M2 MG, M240 GPMG or MK19 grenade launcher can be mounted on the roof. In 2004, Cougar started to serve in U.S. armed forces. It’s mainly used for patrols, transporting troops, commanding, towing heavy guns, engineering service and rescuing. In November of the same year, Cougar vehicles with the 1st Marine Division of United Stated Marine Corps stationed in Iraq took part in the Battle of Fallujah.


This 1/35 scale U.S. Cougar 6×6 MRAP Vehicle plastic model kit can be built as Cougar 6×6 or Cougar 6×6 HEV MRAP. Interiors of the cab and troop compartment are perfectly reproduced. All doors can be built open or closed. Roof gun mount is rotatable. Precision PE parts are included. Two painting schemes are provided. Length: 226mm Width: 79mm

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