US Tank Repair Crew With Continental W670 Engine

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Miniart 1/35 US Tank Repair Crew With Continental W670 Engine

The US Tank Repair Crew during World War II played a crucial role in maintaining and repairing armoured vehicles, ensuring their operational readiness on the battlefield.

Comprised of skilled mechanics, technicians, and engineers, these crews operated in various theatres of war, swiftly diagnosing and fixing mechanical issues to keep tanks operational.

Their expertise extended to repairing engines, tracks, armour, and other critical components, often under challenging conditions and amidst enemy fire.

One of the engines commonly used in American tanks during World War II was the Continental W670.

This air-cooled radial engine was renowned for its reliability and durability, powering a variety of military vehicles, including tanks such as the M3 Stuart and M5 Stuart.

With a displacement of 668 cubic inches and typically producing around 250 horsepower, the Continental W670 provided adequate power for the light and medium tanks of its era.

It’s simple design and robust construction made it well-suited for military use, contributing to the effectiveness and mobility of American armoured units during World War II.

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