Volkswagen Type2 Micro Bus 1963 23 window

Scale 1/24

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The Volkswagen Transporter (other names: VW T1, VW Bus or VW Samba) is a German van passenger car that was first presented to the public in 1949. Its production started a year later (1950) and is still going on. It took place or is still taking place in several cities around the world, e.g. in Emden or Hanover in Germany or in Poznań.

The Transporter model was developed and implemented for production by the Volkswagen AG concern in order to expand its commercial offer and enter the vans segment. The car was based on a reinforced chassis and platform of the Beetle model. Also, many pieces of equipment were taken from this model. The first generations of the car were characterized by quite original styling, simple construction and low purchase and operating costs. Initially, engines with a capacity of 1.1 to 1.6 liters and a power of 25-47 HP were used as the drive. Especially the first generation of the car, produced in 1950-1967, gained enormous popularity and the affectionate nickname “Cucumber”. Significant changes took place in the Transporter model, especially from the fourth generation, when the design, power units and the place where the engine was placed (it was moved to the front from the rear of the car) changed significantly. The latest generation was presented in 2015.

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