Westland Whirlwind

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The Westland Whirlwind was a British, low-wing, twin-engine single-seat fighter from the Second World War. The flight of the prototype took place on October 11, 1938, and serial production continued in 1938-1941, ending with the production of about 115 aircraft. The powerplant was provided by two Rolls-Royce Peregrine engines, each with a power of 885 HP. The Westland Whirlwind was very easy to fly, had good range and strong armament, and showed great flight characteristics at low altitudes. However, it was let down by the lack of power from its engines and with the appearance of the Spitfire, hampered its development. It entered service with only two squadrons of the RAF: 137th and 263th. The last aircraft of this type were withdrawn from service by 1943. Technical data: length: 9.83 m, wingspan: 13.72 m, height: 3.35 m, maximum speed: 580 km / h, ceiling practical: 9200 m, maximum range: 1280 km, armament: fixed – 4 20mm Hispano cannons, Suspended – up to 230 kg of bombs.

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