Wolf WR1 Ford F1

Scale 1/12

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Victorious on debut, the Wolf WR1 is remembered for being one of the few single seaters to have had success in their maiden race. This car, designed by British engineer Harvey Postlethwaite, who had brought with him the experience previously gained to the Hesketh team, was triumphantly driven by Jody Scheckter in the Argentine Grand Prix which inaugurated the 1977 season.  Equipped with a monocoque frame in light alloy, the Wolf WR1 had a wheelbase of 2,489 mm, weighed 589 kg and was equipped with a 5-speed sequential manual Hewland gear plus reverse. Wheeled with Goodyear tires, it was powered by a Ford Cosworth DFV V8 90 ° longitudinal rear engine of 2.993cc, with a power of 485hp at 10,600 rpm and a torque of 335 nm.

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