B13-16 on G7107 base

Scale 1/35


Manufacturer ICM

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Chevrolet cars began arriving in the Soviet Union from the United States in 1942.

Until the end of the war, the number of these vehicles in the Soviet Army numbered about 47,000 units.

They were reliable and maneuverable enough, had good maneuverability.

That`s why they rightfully enjoyed the love and respect of the soldiers.

In addition to performing the functions of trucks, many vehicles of this series served as the basis for the installation of multiple launch rocket systems – rocket artillery combat vehicles known as “Katyusha”.

Launchers with 16 rails for 132 mm rockets were mounted on the Chevrolet G7107 chassis during the period 1942-1943.

It was an effective and formidable weapon with a projectile speed of about 355 m/s and a firing range of about 8 km.

His volleys were very effective, and they often became a decisive factor in the outcome of combat operations.


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