BAC/EE Lightning F.2A/F.6

Scale 1/32

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Trumpeter 1/32 BAC/EE Lightning F.2A/F.6

The Lightning was the only British designed and built fighter capable of speeds in excess of Mach 2 to serve with the Royal Air Force. There is no doubt that the Lightning will go down in the history books as another classic British fighter. The Lightning was specifically designed as a point defence interceptor – essentially a guided missile-armed, air superiority fighter optimised to defend mainland Britain against bomber attacks. In order to reduce cross sectional area of the fuselage and improve performance, the fuel capacity was highly restricted. It was armed with two 30 mm ADEN cannons and two air-to-air missiles, at first the de Havilland Firestreak and later the Hawker Siddeley Red Top.

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