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Bedford MWD 15cwt 4×2 General Service (Open Cab/Aeroscreen) Truck

Scale 1/35

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The Bedford MWD (15-cwt) was a British military truck from the Second World War and the early post-war period. The first prototype copies of this vehicle were built in 1937, and serial production began in 1939. About 200,000 trucks of this type were built in its course. The vehicle was powered by a single 72hp Bedford 6-cylinder engine.

The design of the Bedford MWD car was based on the civilian Bedford 2-tons truck, with the chassis reinforced and other minor modifications introduced, allowing the car to be used by the military. The car was a light truck that could carry up to 750 kilograms of cargo and pull a 2-pound anti-tank gun. Its advantages were undoubtedly low production costs, relatively simple operation and low operating costs. In the British armed forces, it was used primarily to transport soldiers and small loads. Cars of this type were used extensively in many campaigns of World War II, for example in North Africa (1940-1943) or in Normandy in 1944. The Bedford MWD remained in service with the British Army until the late 1950s.

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